Welcome to the California Christmas Tree Association!

We want to help you find everything you need for this year’s holiday season. Real trees are a holiday tradition.

CCTA Mission Statement

The purpose of the CCTA is to promote the sales of sustainable farm-grown Christmas Trees and to educate the members and advocate the interests of the California Christmas Tree Industry.

CCTA Tree Fresh Certified

Look for the CCTA Tree Fresh Certified “STAMP” of approval to insure the freshest possible Christmas tree each year.  Certified members are trained in the best scientific techniques of tree care.  As part of their Code of Ethics, they promise to display their cut trees in water and to answer any of your questions about the care of your tree.

Do you deserve a real tree?

Are you still not sure if you want a real tree?  Take the CCTA Real Tree Test and find out!

To the test...

Be GREEN this Christmas!  Celebrate with a real Christmas Tree.

Real Trees or Plastic? Many people think they are helping the environment by choosing an artificial tree instead of a Real tree. They couldn't be more wrong. See what other environmental experts have to say on this topic:



The Benefits of Real Trees vs Artificial...

The polyvinyl chloride (PVC)...