Solano County Pumpkin Patches

Silveyville Christmas Tree & Pumpkin Farm

Ted Serfent


Silveyville Christmas Tree & Pumpkin Farm
6208 Silveryville Road, Dixon, CA
United States
Pumpkin Varieties: 
20 different varieties
Decorative Gourds
Food Vendors
Picnic Area
Gift Shop
Indian Corn
Winter Squash
Craft Gourd
School Tours
Birthday Parties
Activities for Kids: 
Bouncing Ponies
ATV Rides
Horace the Horsefly
Pumpkin Village
Opening Date: 
October 1
Closing Date: 
October 31
9 am to 6 pm daily

Phone:  (707) 678-1823 (farm) (707   0 3654223 (cell)