Billy's Farm

Phone 916-687-8354
FAX: 916-556-4307

8430 Dillard Rd., Wilton, CA  95693
e-mail: billyschristmastrees@yahoo.com

Website:  www.billysfarm.com

Trees are located on Dillard Rd. in Wilton, CA

Directions:  Highway 16 to  Dillard Rd.  3.0 miles south, farm on left.
Hwy 99 to Dillard Rd.  13 miles north

Open: Friday after Thanksgiving - 9 am to 5 pm
Hours: Each weekend,  Sat and Sun, Through Dec 18th

Tree Varieties:  MP, Redwood, Scotch Pine, Cedars, Noble Fir, Frazier Fir, Nordmanb Fir, Douglas Fir
Features: Free Hayrides, Free Coffee, Popcorn and Farm Animals